I decided to be Happy

How much control we have over any situation in life. Focus is very powerful, but we need to direct it in a positive way or it’s not doing us any good. Ever notice… Continue reading



She had a smile that could wipe away the world Her hands radiated love with every wave He thought I want to live forever with her Looking in her eye’s raining drops of… Continue reading


The Zone

Different people do have different distances involved with their comfort zone, based on personality and such. At various times we allow more closeness or less closely, given the situation. For example, you may… Continue reading


Am I listening to Myself?!

Ask yourself this question… Am I listening to myself? Surely to be aware of what’s going, I must be listening… Well, maybe not. When you’re dreaming you’re not fully aware of the full… Continue reading


My Responsibility, My Perception !

I have originally wrote sort of a thought process about this in a number of posts, but I’m going to try to describe it more succinctly now It doesn’t seem that this distortion… Continue reading


True Confidence

A true consumer confidence is to be able to walk out of a store without buying anything. Having the courage to not buy something is a way of fighting consumerism. Yes, it is… Continue reading


Look At Me!

Tv-addiction?! Is it possible?! Have you heard those statements before: I feel hypnotized when I watch television.” “Television sucks my energy.” “I feel like it’s brainwashing me.” “I feel like a vegetable when… Continue reading


That Time We Met

I wrote this piece by 4 am in the morning as a challenge, she challenged me to think about something to write her that would be significant and true; she challenged me to… Continue reading



Uhh Life..!! “The most precious thing”, And so we say… Though why do millions die, Every day? From murders to rapists, From guns to knives, We hurt each other And destroy their lives.… Continue reading


True Empathic Civilization

A look at the world of the Nukak Makú takes us back to our ancestral roots and reassures us that people who love animals are more compassionate, caring and kind to their peers… Continue reading

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