“A picture a day, keeps Negativity away”

“A picture a day, keeps Negativity away”

“A picture a day, keeps Negativity away”

The path to Emotions..

I find that for the number of years I have discussed things with people, the vast majority when faced with a logically probable statement, generally find it distasteful and/or inherently rude/wrong/evil. There is… Continue reading

“A picture a day, Keeps Negativity Away”

Dear Facebook Maniacs, Social Media savvies, bloggers, friends, family, colleagues, trainees and creepy stalkers I will be launching tonight the kick off a simple project through an album on my page “A picture… Continue reading

Ladies & Gents..

Every lady ever existed is simply beautiful for something she has and only her has it; yet every lady ever existed can be very ugly for something or more she shares with other… Continue reading

Can anyone ever be free?

The idea of freedom is a concept only mentally conceived . For one to be free, I believe that one needs to look beyond just what other people can do to constrain someone… Continue reading

The Truth is….to Live!

I don’t believe that any of us can write anything down, and have it be presented as a final truth in our society. Sure we could write that “murder” is wrong. And we… Continue reading

It’s better to shut it…Sometimes!

This one will be short and sweet, or bitter if you just want to be stubborn and not accept the fact that you are not perfect, and neither am I. I remember the… Continue reading

The inevitable battle..!

Niqab: a face veil covering the lower part of the face (up to the eyes) worn by observant Muslim women Oppression: the state of being kept down by unjust use of force or… Continue reading

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