The Molyneux

I was reading this and that on philosophy when I came across this Molyneux Problem on Wikipedia. The philosophical problem was formed by a guy named William Molyneux in the 16th century: “if… Continue reading

Awesome :P

Away from the awesomeness of Barney’s theories; Has anyone who had attempted to go out and find a woman to date, or even have a relationship with will most certainly understand that there… Continue reading

No One..

No one, that is who I am. My talents emotionless. My vision’s obscured. Neither painter nor poet; I’m blind to the art. Beauty and wonder are mute. Destruction and sorrow erased. I neither… Continue reading

We lost Our Cover!

The loss of privacy is a rising issue among web rights activists as more and more users sign up to share their lives with the world. If a major exploit is ever found… Continue reading

Wondering Beyond…

Hello there fellow bloggers and readers, I apologize for the time i have taken away from writing for a while and I highly do appreciate the messages that I got from some people… Continue reading

Beyond a Belief’s Attire

I often find people approach their lives with little thought as to why they believe in the type of justification they believe in. A Muslim or a Christian will follows their holy book… Continue reading


I wrote this 4 years ago and till this day it’s still my pride & joy The trump card of anything I have ever written and I’m specifically posting it now after I… Continue reading


Self-discipline is control over the mind and body. This allows one to restructure his thoughts or beliefs with better information and improve his behavior, essentially overcoming temptation itself. Self-restraint does not deal with… Continue reading


Fear 3: Inadequacy Description: Feeling worthless compared to anyone around me. When I am made to feel inadequate I feel very small and suffer bouts of pain and anger. Correct Cause: A failure… Continue reading


Fear 2: Rejection Description: Being desired less by someone I want to be desired by. Correct Cause: Someone logically asserting why we are incompatible through no inadequacies on either of our parts. Incorrect… Continue reading

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